Riders in the Rubicon Great Zuurberg Trek E-edition will be assured of customised products for their e-bikes when they tackle the trails in the Zuurberg range near Addo next year.

By having Squirt Cycling Products on board for the three-day event, the organisers have made provision for competitors to have access to a chain lube that is specifically designed to handle the higher demands of e-bike drivetrains.

One of the founding members, Danie van Wyk, explained that the higher power exerted by the motor in e-bikes meant the lubrication required for the drivetrain differed from regular bikes.

“The metal surfaces in a chain have manufacturing roughness or asperities which rub against each other during the sliding motion of the chain components,” he explained.

He said this rubbing of metal surfaces causes excessive friction and accelerated wear.

“The various specialised waxes in standard Squirt Chain Lube fill these asperities and provide a slick wax-to-wax sliding surface with a very low co-efficient of friction.

“However, the constant higher power output and extended peak power outputs of e-bikes require some additional anti-wear additives to reinforce the wax lubrication layer.

“The anti-wear additives in Squirt e-Bike Chain Wax, together with the same specialised waxes, work together and deposit in layers at and over the metal asperities.

“The layers form a slippery lubrication barrier to prevent metal surfaces from rubbing against each other.”

He added that the wax layers and additives were shed from the chain as they lubricated and reduced friction.

“This shedding action is also what keeps the drivetrain much cleaner overall as it does not gather dirt that form a grinding paste on the chain.”

Van Wyk said the e-bike product was finalised fairly recently by the company’s technical team.

“Squirt e-Bike Chain Wax is different in that it uses the proven biodegradable wax-water emulsion technology found in the standard Squirt Lube, but is fortified by specialised friction modifiers and high-pressure additives,” he said.

“The base formulation for Squirt e-Bike Chain Wax was conceived during our initial development of the standard Squirt Chain Lube almost two decades ago.

“But about four years ago the technical team finalised it as the ideal e-bike chain lubrication.”

Van Wyk said a further benefit was that the e-bike chain wax had a slightly more “fatty” consistency than the traditional product.

“This makes it last longer in wet conditions and because it is also 100 per cent compatible with normal Squirt Chain Lube, it can be used interchangeably on regular bikes when a wet ride is expected.”

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